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A tray-vignette or a tray-scape

“Vignette”, “tray-scape”… ? I had never heard of these terms until I started on Instagram. They are still foreign to me and I don’t think you’ll ever hear me saying them out loud… haha! But anyway, if I title the post with these terms then I am sure most of you design folk will understand what this blog entry is about…

I don’t get a lot of time for Pinterest. But I do realise it’s value, so I have been slowly trying to build up some boards. Last night I downloaded the Pinterest APP and had a little play around. My most favourite thing to search for is usually bedrooms. But then I decided to type in that fancy word vignette, and I couldn’t stop pinning.

I have always been a BIG fan of trays. I love displays on side tables/coffee tables using trays…

vignette or trayscape

I haven’t decorated my own house in over 2 years. I have been renting that whole time. My garage is stocked to the roof with boxes as I didn’t unpack everything when I moved here. I know there are a lot of home-wares in there, and I know I will hate most of it when I open them. My tastes have changed. So when the time comes for me to move, I think I need to have a garage sale, and save my pennies to buy a few new goodies for the vignettes and trayscapes I am dreaming of…

Follow me on Pinterest if you like. My boards aren’t that exciting, but I am working on them. You’ll find the original sources for the images above in the board titled VIGNETTE (but remember, don’t ask me to say that word out loud, I’ll probably burst out laughing – who invented that anyway??).

Have a great PUBLIC HOLIDAY… we’re still painting the house.


  • Rachel

    I love a good tray-scape. I didn’t even know there was a word for it. Follow you on Pinterest now 🙂 Rachel x

  • Penny barns

    I have no nice things to place together. I am starting from scratch.
    I do love looking at everyone’s nice things.
    Happy painting.
    We are just sitting around watching this rain. Kids go back to school wed . That’s if they can get there
    Pen x

  • Katy Potaty

    I’m with you, I would hardly ever use those words (especially around my non-designery husband), but I love tray displays, Katrina!

  • Renee

    OMG! You are EVIL! I love Pinterest… and I love homewares… and now I am very keen to create trayscapes. Argh!!! Our new house cannot be built quick enough.

  • neen

    LUUUUUURVE me a vignette ( is it really a word, how do you say it???) and a tray-scape ( much easier to say too). I have a little beach theme on the coffee table at the moment which even involves a white ceramic fish !!! Good luck with those boxes we still have boxes in the roof cavity from when we moved in 19 years ago. I am too scared to look !!! Then again it might all be back in fashion…….bahahahahah NOT likely !!

  • anastasia

    I did a vignettes challenge on instagram and really enjoyed it!! love the tray idea – looks gorgeous!

  • Deb

    I have been tray scraping like crazy without even knowing.

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