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A reno update

It’s been a wild 18 months. If you follow along often you’ll know that I’ve had some big changes… anyway, that’s not what I’m here for today because I wanted to give you an update on where I’m at with the renovations!

Early this year I finished a reno on a little house that I turned in to an Airbnb. I started the accommodation in February this year and in 4 months I hit Superhost status. I’m pretty proud of that and boy have I learnt a lot. I am aiming to share all of that in a new eBook I’m writing. Sign up to know more about that here.

That Airbnb house is booked out every weekend and periodically throughout the week. I do also get private bookings which come straight from Instagram. All of that seems to be working out well for now.

The Airbnb house is not in a prime location (Wagga is not a destination holiday place), but I am still having good success with it. If you are looking at doing something similar you DO NOT have to be on the beach, or own a special farm-stay to run an Airbnb.

Then at the same time as the Airbnb I started renovating a little house I live in. Yes, crazy!!!

So, in 18 months I’ve done two bathrooms (one ensuite to go), two laundries, two kitchens, four living rooms, six bedrooms, a bar, exteriors, fences, roofs, gardens…. so many things!

I did the maths last night…

I have almost tripled the equity in this house with a $50K budget for renos.

I never let the cost of things get out of control.

I do have help, and I pay tradies where I need to. But I try to coordinate and manage as much DIY as possible.

So what’s left to do on my little house?

  • I have to do the smallest ensuite you’ve ever seen
  • Skirting boards and architraves
  • More paint on windows
  • All the gloss work
  • Touch up in the laundry
  • Master bedroom paint and flooring

Then what’s next?

I am not entirely sure. Ha! Someone tell me what to do!

But I think I am going to look for a job. I have been doing a lot of freelance and that’s good because I have so much flexibility, but I have plans for a third house, and that will require solid payslips if the bank is going to be kind to me! Bummer.

I don’t know if I’ll sell this house I’m living in, or keep it. So I keep asking the universe to help and guide me.

I’m not in a rush, so what will be will be.

I have been working so hard on myself, my attitude, my mindset and motivation lately. I know that working hard, pushing forward and creating opportunities only comes from stepping out of my comfort zone and not giving a shit about what anyone thinks or says.

The days are not dull, they are full to the brim. Some good, some bad.

But I am definitely not where I was 12 months ago and I certainly won’t be in the same place again in 12 months time. And that’s exciting (even if I have no idea what/where that will be).

If you want to learn some of my reno tips and tricks then you can buy my ebook here.

Plus follow on Instagram because I live over there and you’ll be able to see all the renos.

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