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MINT coloured Chalk Paint™ table makeover

I managed to squeeze in another little DIY project this week using paint from Chalk Paint™ by Annie Sloan. My Mum sent this table over to me after seeing my last coffee table makeover and said she wanted the same but she preferred the colour “mint”… I knew this would turn out great! The orange/timber look needed to go!


So I set about making my own colour ‘mint’. I mixed some Antibes Green (and a dash of Provence) in to Pure white. The blue would make it less ‘limey’ and more minty.


I sanded the top with my trusty electric sander. It took me about 20 minutes. You don’t have to sand the area you’re painting on as the Chalk Paint™ adheres to this surface with no priming or prep whatsoever.


I slapped on the paint. I gave it 2 coats and let it dry over night.


Then it was time to start roughing up the edges. Out came the sander again. I wasn’t precious with it and just randomly started putting the sander on all corners and edges. I pressed harder in some areas.


Next I got out the dark wax and the soft clear wax. First I rubbed the dark wax in to the already existing knots in the timber and on the corners. This will give it an aged look. It’s a bit like rubbing Vegemite in to the wood! You must only use a small amount though and brush it in well.



I let the dark wax dry for half and hour, then I returned and started brushing the soft clear wax all over the table. This was the final step!


And here she is in all her minty glory and is looking so cute and fresh!




Mum, do I have to give it back?? 😉

Do you have a project which could use a lick of paint?

Check out all the Chalk Paint™ here and also find the nearest retailer (or buy online here).

Happy DIY-ing! ♥ KC.


  • John Silvestro

    Love it! Where did you buy your chalk paint from?

  • Bec @ The Plumbette

    I love this! I’m so excited to go to an Annie Sloan Chalk Paint networking event at Problogger this year. This paint sounds amazing!

  • Debra Burt

    Well done! It looks great! Love the color, so typical or the era 🙂

  • Janara Sparke

    Lynda Evans- chalk paint

  • John Silvestro

    Thanks Katrina,tried that already,not available in Griffith or Leeton,did you buy yours in Wagga and if so which store?

  • John Silvestro


  • Kim Elliott

    Looks Fabulous ! I watched a blog where the clear wax was applied first , then the Dark ! What do you recommend ?

  • Paula

    That looks great!

  • Chris R

    Love this, your mum will be one happy mum. We have a home full of ‘orange’ furniture, time to change it up I reckon.

  • Sheridan Lenton

    That looks super cute!! I bet your Mum will be stoked

  • Michelle Liddle

    Oh it’sgorgeous!

  • Sherri-Lee Peacock

    It looks fantastic! I especially like the gold pineapples on the wall though 😀

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