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9 of my Top Shopping Picks this week!


1. Hukuna Matata cushion | 2. Throw rug | 3. Wall Art | 4. Table cloth | 5. Floor rug |

6. Vase | 7. Wallpaper | 8. Print | 9. Makeup bag

Good morning to all the shoppers out there! I’m back today with one of my favourite blog posts – Top Shopping Picks. I’ve been too busy to create anything good for you lately, but I was missing my online shop-hopping so I did the rounds and found some new goodies for you.

I love the Be Patient print – you can also get this in a canvas, a tote bag or an iphone case. Plus I am in love with that pretty table cloth.

Don’t forget to check out my other shopping website UNDER 100 DOLLARS – there is lots to see over there!

Have a great day! X


  • Helen Jaman

    I love these picks !! I especially love the make up bag…I have a fixation with deers !
    I also love the Hakuna Matata cushion…and now I can’t get the song out of my head !!! 😉

  • Sam

    Thank you so much for sharing the make-up bag Katrina – I’m in love with the whole range!!

  • Dale

    I had banned myself from society 6 cause i buy so much from there and now i think i will have to give in for the cushion! Definately a top pick!

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