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6 steps I took to simplify my day to day stuff

It’s the first day of Spring and I couldn’t think of a better time to sort out my day to day stuff. A change in the season is as good as any. This week I discovered I’d been slapped with a shadowban on Instagram. Actually, I think this has been going on since June. I was frustrated with the little amount of engagement I was getting on Instagram lately so I went searching for an answer. In light of what I discovered I decided to take a few days off Instagram and see if the banning would lift (which it still hasn’t as far as I can see because I did test it with a few photos… grrrrr). You can read more about shadow banning if you care to know more.

I had some spare time suddenly hahaha!! I didn’t like, comment or check Instagram hardly at all this week. Less Instagram = more time. Fancy that 😉 So I decided to write more, use Facebook more often and do a few online courses I’d been meaning to finish.

Also, in this time off (plus the fact I had a free week with no one sick and no client appointments), I thought it was a good idea to tidy up a few things around the home, simplify my life and throw out any baggage.

Here’s 6 steps I took to simplify my day to day stuff:

  1. I answered every single email in my inbox I could think of. I even went through my Facebook messages (because I never get around to those!).
  2. I took 2 email accounts off my phone. I only check these now once a day. Do you have too many email addresses? I do!
  3. I resigned from a sporting club as the secretary. I did that for 4 years. It was time for someone else to have a go. That felt pretty good, but sad too! Because the club and its committee are my friends. But, it’s nice to be able to do a little less now.
  4. I wrote a succinct list of work jobs I have to get through. In categories too. Because I do this blog, work at a display home, style houses, sell crystals and a few other bits, I needed to sort out where I was up to. It was becoming a little overwhelming, but not now that I can see it all out in front of me.
  5. I wrote a meal plan. Life changing people. Slow to the party I know, but this has made things so much simpler this week! Next week may be different with this haha…
  6. I discovered I suffered from handbag rage after listening to a Podcast. It’s a real thing! Every day I battled to find things in my bag, it wasn’t overly comfortable to wear and it had no system. I walked the streets of Wagga, found a better handbag to suit (I love one across the body), bought some little zip up bags for inside and started to sort out all my stuff. This could be a blog post all on its on I think!

Just these few steps made my week a little more productive and I feel pretty good because of it.

Have you got some simplifying tips?

♥ KC.


  • Andrea

    Definitely need a handbag post. With pics of your new pretty purchase 🙂

  • Kylee

    I’ll second a handbag post. I can never find anything in mine.

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