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5 minute cleaning tasks you can do right now

I wrote a post a few months back on the importance of editing your home, and I am determined to stick to it. For me, less clutter and mess means a clearer mind. Some people like to go for a run – I like to clean out my fridge haha!

Today I thought I’d put a list together of some of the things you can whizz around and clean in no time. These aren’t tasks which will take up your entire day, or require you to buy cleaning products, or lock the kids outside so you can get things done. These are just simple actions you can achieve in minutes…

Sometimes we just need a kick start because we become overwhelmed. Here’s a list of things you can get done today (each in 5 mins or less!).

Wipe out the kitchen utensil drawer – this doesn’t have to be every drawer in your kitchen. Just start with the top drawer. Quickly move out each section, wipe underneath and put it back.

Throw out half empty packets in pantry – how much packaging do you have in your home? OMG – with 3 boys, we have lots of food and therefore lots of boxes and wrappers. I have some large containers in my pantry and in there go the left over muesli bars, chip packets etc. This is so I can recycle all the big boxes or packets.

Sort out the paper pile on your desk – toss anything which doesn’t need to be there, file anything away and this will instantly reduce your to-do list.

Clean the oven door – just open the door, clean the inside followed by the outside. A microfibre cloth works best I think.

Wipe your bathroom mirrors – I use a microfibre cloth or sometimes I buy the glass wipes so I can quickly wipe the spit (boys!) off my mirrors.

Clean out your top bathroom drawer – mine ends up with hair and toothpaste all through it, so lift everything out, wipe it and put everything back in (throw out anything you don’t need in there if you’re feeling really motivated!)

Dust your plants’ leaves – give them a bit of sparkle and shine.

Vacuum the lounge – I don’t have time to lift all my cushions and vacuum in the corners all the time, so I just whip around the surface and in the joins. Now to the outside world I look like I have a neat and clean lounge! ?

Grab a laundry basket – fill it with everything throughout the house that’s not where it belongs.

Wipe your bedside tables – drink rings, a slop of moisturiser, random earrings – they all end up on my tables. A quick wipe over and tidy does the trick.

Wipe out the fridge – this might mean you have to throw out some old food. I bring a garbage bag over to the fridge and throw out all unused/spoiled food, followed by a very quick wipe out.

Wipe down your doorknobs and light switch plates – grab a baby wipe and get to it. So easy.

Change the sheets on your bed – you’ll sleep better!

Get rid of clutter at your front door – we access our house through the garage and the shoes, bags and hats build up in a matter of 24 hours! Recently I snagged some free low bookcases which I have put in my garage for all of our shoes. This has been working a treat.

Happy cleaning! You might also like this post – What NOT to do when de-cluttering.

♥ KC.

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