5 DIYs for you to try


Hi there! Happy Saturday! I have collected 5 DIYs for you to try over the weekend if you want something fun to to do. I am going to try a couple next week – especially the neon light (if I can find the supplies locally)! How cool is it?

Here’s where you can see the full tutorials >>

  1. Abstract colour cloud art
  2. Upgrade tote bag with leather handles
  3. Neon light
  4. Canvas magazine hanger
  5. Herb planter cutting board

Today we have no kids sport, but a birthday party with 22 kids at the pool for my new 9 year old. Argh! Not sure which one is worse – a day of footy in the mud or 22 boys at the pool?! Wish me luck! My sister is coming over to help because my husband is busy putting fence extensions around our yard (which I am so excited about!).

Then tomorrow my big boy has an AFL grand final and my Mum and Dad are coming over to watch (+ it’s Father’s Day).

How’s your weekend looking? Hope it’s great.

♥ KC.


  • Jana

    Loving the cloud art, so pretty!

  • Sequins & Sand

    I actually quite like the upgrade on the tote bags!

    • Katrina (author)

      I think they are great too!

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