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4 Tips for Choosing the Right Tablecloth for Your Dining Table

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Most modern homes will do away with a tablecloth for everyday styling. But if you’re planning a dining event, the tablecloth is the first layer to dress the table.

Choosing the right tablecloth is important because it needs to fit over your table and it needs to work in with your chosen colour scheme.

Here are some tips to get the right tablecloth for your table. It’s the building block of every table scape which will elevate the dining experience.

  1. Round, Rectangular or Square?

The shape of your dining table will determine the shape of your tablecloth. It sounds like common sense really… until you bring the bought tablecloth home and realise you forgot to check the shape description.

Round table cloths will suit circular dining tables, and rectangle will suit rectangular and square shaped tables. It can be difficult to find a square tablecloth  but a rectangle tablecloth can work, providing it’s the right length and doesn’t drape to the ground.

  1. What size is your table?

Tablecloths can also come in a range of lengths and depths. It’s a matter of personal choice on how much tablecloth hangs from the edge of the table.

The rule of thumb is for a casual event, a 20cm drop is ideal. For a more elegant affair, a 40cm drop is considered fine dining.

Usually the tablecloth will offer the size of the perimeter and how many chairs the dining table will seat.

If you opt for the next size bigger than your existing table, you will have more drop if that’s the desired look you’re after.

  1. What material is your tablecloth?

Tablecloths come in a range of different material styles. Linen is luxurious but it can crinkle and crease easily. If you’re after a smooth and elegant finish, a polyester blend is your best choice.

Also consider how easy it is to wash and whether the material is stain resistant. Linen soaks up water and will show grease stains, polyester will bead any spills and won’t soak as much, protecting your table surface.

  1. Which colour to choose?

A white tablecloth is a popular choice as it’s versatile and works with a range of colour schemes. If you have natural textures with your napkins and placemats, mushroom or taupe can create a more cohesive look.

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