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15 parenting notes

I’m raising 3 boys. One is a full blown teenager, the next is almost a teen and the last is not far behind. They are fun, loud, naughty, wild, aggressive, loving and loyal. But here’s a list of things I have noted so far in my motherhood journey*…

  1. Do not wake them with a voice too cheery and happy. A simple open the door and a monotone “good morning” is suffice.
  2. Do not speak to them about anything really important until after they have a full belly of food.
  3. Do not sing too loud or know too many words of the song or you’ll be asked to “get off the microphone.”
  4. Don’t talk too much about how cool you were when you were 19 years old. You weren’t ever cool.
  5. Don’t talk to the girls in their year for too long.
  6. Don’t sing in the car with their mates.
  7. Haircuts are not important.
  8. What they said they’d commit to today doesn’t mean they’ll follow through with it tomorrow. Just check with them an hour before.
  9. Dab, whip, nay-nay, running man, gangnam style dancing is over. No need to keep doing it.
  10. Don’t talk about their sporting abilities like you’ve been their coach for years.
  11. Crush their dreams when they start talking about their first car and say “get a job first…” That goes down well.
  12. Never suggest an early night to bed.
  13. Don’t try and turn every conversation in to a life lesson. They see it coming and will hide or suddenly have to wash the car.
  14. Don’t try to control the music played in the car. It’s always their choice.
  15. Wrestling, punching and tackling is a proper form of communication apparently.

If you’re raising tweens/teens I wish you luck. We’re just scratching the surface here. But I will say I love this age more than I loved babies. Crazy I know, and remind me of what I said when all 3 of mine are teens! But for now, they are self sufficient, I can leave them at home, they kind of help out (haha sometimes!), they do still listen to me, and I am not so in demand anymore. I wouldn’t swap them for the world though. They can make me belly laugh until I have to pee.

My advice is though – know the kids your kids hang around with. Know their parents. Hang out with the parents, text them, be friends because you never know when you need them. They find out stuff you don’t know about. That is key.

Happy raising teens! Have you got a few parenting notes you’d like to share? 😉

♥ KC.

*disclaimer – this is a joke, tongue in cheek. Just incase, you know.


  • Siobhan Johns

    When they are old enough to drink, be the one who picks up from parties and pubs! You hear all sorts of good stuff from their mates!

  • Kristen Eyles

    Love this! My boys are only 2.5 and 1 so nervous for when they are teens

  • Kylee

    As a parent of 12 and 13 year old boys I am nodding my head 😛

  • Kristy Crocker

    soo true lol!! I to prefer the teenage years, so much easier to reason with a teenager than a tantrum 3 year old 😉 one word…Internet!!! works every time he he!!

  • Vicki

    As a parent of two boys (13 and 9) and a daughter (11)….totally agree, these points are spot on!
    Although point 15 is less relevant for girls…her form of communication is more along the lines of whinging, whining and complaining…lol.

  • Hayley Meyer

    Ahhh love this! I am raising 3 little boys to, ages 11, 8 and 6 this is SO true!

  • melissa

    I read a post last week (may have been Maggie Dent) that said. Pick them up amd drive the long way home. your kids and their mates will talk about all sorts of things while they are in the car. i thought that was simple but really goid advice x

  • Lusia Dangel

    I have a 12 year old son and my best tip is if you need to have a “talk” about something, don’t do it face to face. Do it while your driving in the car with them or while they’re doing something alongside of you. They’ll be more comfortable and you’ll get a lot more out of them

    • Lusia Dangel

      Oh…and don’t tell any jokes. They won’t be funny!

  • BennyT

    I have 2 teenage boys (15.5 & 18). I can really relate to your parenting notes especially No.2. If my boys are ‘hangry’ than there is absolutely no point trying to talk to/with them about anything at all. If they have full bellies then I have a better than slim chance of communicating with them LOL.

  • Rachel

    As a mum of 3 boys also I am constantly reprimanded with “not everything is an opportunity for a life lesson”.

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