12 ways to display photos

Hi there! Thanks for stopping by today. I thought I’d hunt out some ways to display your photos at home. If you’re like me, you need a push to even get them printed out these days. Most of mine sit on my phone or Instagram, but I really do enjoy them more when they are physically sitting around the house to see. The kids just love looking at photos.

Today I have 12 ways you can display your photos. Check them out…


Oversize frame

You  might need to make a frame yourself because a huge frame like this might be hard to come by. BUT, a big mirror would also work. You could line the mirror with white card and stick the photos on top. I think this looks amazing and it’s a fantastic statement piece.


Wire frame

Bunnings sell these in the garden section for cheap cheap cheap. Grab a few little bulldog clips, or mini pegs and prop it up in your office.


Wood slice

I loved this! How very cool. There is a tutorial too for it. What a clever coffee table piece.


Wood strips

A couple of painted and roughed up wood strips with nails to hang photos. Especially when all the photos are of the same theme/tone. You could do this in a babies room with cute photos of them.


Hanging polaroid

There’s a tutorial for this one too. I love the photos hanging on a mobile. This is an easy DIY you can whip up yourself. Change the cardboard triangles to suit your style – even Christmas, or a birthday!



Never going out of style the stacked shelf is so easy to create. You can swap the photos easily and people will spend ages looking at all your fun memories.


Wall pockets

This is really cool. You can slip photos in and out, add cards and other mementos.



These are mini clipboards and replace the usual framed wall. Just something a bit different. So easy to swap the photos around. Use in kids’ rooms too and rip out photos from magazines – eg. fishing, camping, surfing, dancing.


Printed polaroids

There are so many online sites where you can turn your photos into calendars, or books and even coasters. I thought this idea was great with each photo having their own month and displayed on the wall with clips.


Love heart

Heaps of ideas on Pinterest for this one. I have one in my bedroom of a family holiday a few years ago. I intentionally set out to create one, so you need to have 30-40 photos of the same theme/tone to make an impact. Love the collection of pizza boxes above too haha.



Old photos in these oversized frames are pretty special. I like that there is no glass, the background is a contrast to the wall and the photos are slightly overlapping.


Washi Tape

Can’t go past the colourful tape! So easy to do yourself and easily removable.

I was recently gifted this frame from Love JK with my family instagram photos!. It’s so precious and I just love it.

♥ KC.


  • Karina Nicotra

    Hi Katrina. Love this one. How do you display your school portraits? I’ve got a photo wall I’m building and thinking of buying the same frame for each year of school? Could get expensive though, I like the idea of the oversize frame.

    • Katrina Chambers

      I don’t display mine, they are in a drawer ha! But yes that oversize frame would be great. Then you can easily see each photo as they grow! 🙂

  • Katrina Messervy

    I used Picture Postie and had 30+ of my fave pics in my phone camera roll printed out onto square fridge magnets. They come on a sheet so it’s nice and neat. Looks great. I also have the staggered shelves which I love

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