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Working On: Blog & Website Designs


Yesterday I wrote a post about not really knowing where I was up to and what I was doing. January does that! Then I realised derrr I DO know exactly what I need to work on this year – my Blog & Web Design Business. If you’re new to my blog then you may not know that’s another fun thing I like to do in my spare time. Here’s another business of mine called The Media Maid which I launched in 2010. I don’t usually spruik about it too much on my blog here, but maybe I should be!

So, in 2015 I did actually work a lot in the background designing WordPress blogs and websites. I have been working closely with Lingo most of last year. They are fabulous! Amanda is the boss and she also is a PR guru so helps me with my blog in the background. Emma does all the creative and branding, then sends the files to me and I build the site in WordPress.

Yep, I am a WordPress nerd and even though I love interior design, I also LOVE geeky website and blog stuff. Here is a couple of jobs I completed with Lingo and just on my own…


That’s my 2016 goal – to work more with clients on Blogs & Websites. Isn’t that what they say? Put it out the The Universe and then become accountable? Yep, I am going to do that.

I will also be taking on a few select clients to Blog Mentor. This program will cover how to start a blog, how to create a presence, how to monetize, using social media… I did write a how-to-blog course a while ago, but this one will be more one-on-one with Skype and personalised to each blogger.

WOW, that’s heaps! I thought I might be sitting on the fence with stuff this year, but look at that – I’ve already put some new stuff on my 2016 goal list.

Email me if you want a blog makeover, or a website, or to register your early interest in my blog mentoring program. Have a great day ♥ KC.


  • Anna Streat

    I don’t blog or have a website but hope that you achieve everything that you want to achieve in 2016 with your business ☺

  • Cassandra Holm

    Might take you up on a website soon! You busy bee you!!

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