We’re talking about it…

My kids go to a Catholic School, they’re not talking about this song there. But I am. We are. At home, we chat…

Are you?


  • Siobhan

    My boys went to Catholic primary schools, my eldest goes to a Catholic all boys secondary school, my middle boy has just started year 7 at a government school. When we had the assembly on Wednesday morning, at the government school, students (and parents who were there) were informed that the school will be marching at the pride parade at St. Kilda this Sunday, and any new students and parents were welcome to participate and to meet under the banner. I was amazed, and promptly decided that ,yes, we had made the right choice to send our boys to different schools! I love the school my eldest son goes to, but I just thought this was awesome – eventually, my boys told me to “Stop going on about it mum, yes, its great! Everyone should be equal, Whateva!”

  • Renee

    My husband’s family are strong Catholics so he “rocked the boat” marrying me (a single mum), his sister rocked it a bit more getting engaged to a divorcee with two kids, and his brother nearly tipped it right over when he came out that he was gay. For our little family, it is a non-issue; part of our everyday life as my best friend/the boys’ guardian if we die is in a same-sex relationship, my ex flatmate/family hairdresser is gay. We plan on sending our eldest to a catholic school when we (if we ever) move into our new house, so it will be interesting to see how they take to his liberated views on marriage and sexuality.

  • Elements at Home

    “My choice is what I choose to do,
    And if I’m causing no harm, it shouldn’t bother you.
    Your choice is who you choose to be,
    And if you’re causin’ no harm, then you’re alright with me.”
    ― Ben Harper

    We teach acceptance and treating others how we would like to be treated. Simple. No religion even though we are all Catholic. We simply believe in Good Karma. I wish that were a religion sometimes.

  • Sheridan

    Oh I love this – it made me so teary. WHen mine are at school age, I will be looking up this post to dig out the clip. We too chat here – love those chats x

  • Sarah B

    I’ve not seen this before, but it’s really great 🙂

  • Le BHCH

    We have had same sex parents from day one at our state school so there has been no need for ‘the talk’ … are Catholic schools accepting same sex parent families yet … I am so out of touch 🙂

  • Sarah

    Amazing song and amazing clip! It gives me goose bumps and moist eyes…what a combination! Always good to talk and listen and discuss.

  • Micheal

    Amazing love your blog!

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