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The camping trip

Morning! So the New Year celebrations are over and I’ve returned home to start thinking about the year ahead…

We’ve just had 3 nights away camping. Not glamping, but serious camping. Not sure I really loved it though! It was dusty and windy and there was no water, electricity, toilets or showers so it was pretty rough! We had a portable toilet and a pump for a shower but we had to collect water and it was only a 30 second bird-bath! I was feeling pretty un-fresh! Haha…


Here was the set-up. Pretty primitive hey? At least we had some shade!




Hundreds of Wagga people go to Blowering Dam each year to water ski and fish. So we knew lots of people! We don’t water ski, we fish (BUT we did not catch a thing!). The kids loved it. Look at all of them! Our friends let them all join in with their boats.





Here’s Amie and I… so many laughs! A few drinks around the fire at night and some sore heads in the morning… Only to start it all again just after lunch. What else was there to do? Ha!


We played cricket with the kids. Here’s my friend Bel bowling!


The best part was this concert… “ladies and gentlemen would you like to gather a chair because a concert is about to begin…” I don’t have girls so this was hilarious! They were adorable and gave us a serious dance routine to ‘Warrior’ by DJ Havana Brown.


The boys were feral and tried when we returned home. They were quiet for a couple of hours yesterday! They’ll be fresh today though so no doubt they’ll be ready for some kind of activity… argh!

Have you had a chance to join in with Everyday Gratefuls? I’ve had heaps of emails saying people are joining in and I’ve been finding the hashtag all over the place. Hope you can join in!

How was your New Year celebrations?

We decided whilst away camping that we should all aspire to one common goal – “be nicer to be around”. That sounded pretty good to me. Just be nice.

Have a great day. X


  • Emma Carroll

    Sounds like our camping trip! We were miles away down past Benambra in Victoria. No running water (other than the river!), a long drop loo and lots of dust and flies! We did 3 nights also and I said to Matt I could probably push it to 4 but that would be my absolute limit doing it that rough! Kids had a ball – it was fantastic seeing them all getting to know each other and play together! Good times to begin 2014!!

  • Janice McKeaig

    Aaagh…looks like a boy thing to me! Not for me thanks.

  • Sally

    Wow the site actually looks great and what a view! you’re brave though. I’ve camped once for real (no toilet or shower etc) and it was just unpleasant, I would never do it again. Especially I have small kids, I make sure my campsite is powered and it has at least the communal toilet/bathroom.

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