The bogan voice comes out again

I have been laughing with my Mum about my bogan voice… I heard myself back on some recordings I did with IKEA during the week and I was cringing and laughing. I live in the country – that’s my excuse! Mum said “maybe you need elocution lessons?” I burst out laughing… NAH, I’m happy being a blonde bogan with hot pink nails 😉

I was lucky enough to be asked by IKEA to make a film about styling an IKEA kitchen. It’s to go on their website. I’ll share my bogan voice with you all again very soon when it’s ready!

I had a fabulous few days – shopping up a storm, styling things and being on camera…






Today I’m on another adventure – I’m speaking at the Digital Parents Conference on the Carnival Cruise Ship! Pop over to my instagram to see photos 🙂

Hope you’re having a great weekend! X


  • KL

    What a fun ‘gig’! Well done! I think you sound fine; maybe I have a similar aussie drawl? LOL!

  • Mrs Organised @ AppleBee Lane

    Can’t wait to see the IKEA recordings … love that place but the closest one is over an hour away so, sadly, I don’t get there very often!

  • Maxabella

    Are you kidding? I LOVE your voice! I’m glad you stand up for your country roots, Kat. x

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