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Story #4 You don’t only live once; you live multiple lives within one

I’ve always been a firm believer that one must have multiple earning capacities, meaning more than one way to make money. It’s important to possess a variety of skills. And guess what? You’re never too old to learn new ones! Having different income streams allows you to adapt when things get chaotic and provides various avenues to generate income.

Personally, I hold a University Degree in Marketing, and at the time, I questioned its purpose. However, it has paid off immensely. I’ve relied on it, fallen back on it, and prominently featured it on my resume numerous times. It has helped me secure jobs, roles, and establish authority in various areas of my life.

Another passion of mine is interior design. Although I lack formal qualifications in this field, I have acquired certain skills that have allowed me to leverage my marketing degree to pursue job opportunities and undertake freelance projects. Funny how it’s all worked together. I don’t claim to be a designer at all, but I consider myself a reasonable decorator.

While I spent years being sick I still managed to get a little bit of money from blogging and some freelance styling jobs when I could do them. I really couldn’t ‘go to work’ and leave the house all day long. I did spend those years learning a lot about social media marketing.

When I started to get well I got thirsty for more. I felt like I needed to catch up. I started a list of all of the things I could do to earn money. Paid employment, freelance, side hustle stuff… I don’t usually put all my eggs in one basket. It gave me confidence to know I would be ok, and I could look after myself.

Life is akin to being a perpetual student. It’s all about continuous learning, personal growth, and expanding your horizons along the way. For me, it involves utilising everything I have to acquire even more skills. I’m always eager to learn, whether it means watching YouTube videos, asking questions, or seeking out any information available. I can even grab a tool and engage in some DIY renovations.

You’re a lifelong learner, and that’s how it will be until the end. I sincerely hope you embrace this mindset as well. Once you do, your primary goal becomes absorbing knowledge, evolving, and opening your mind to new possibilities. How can you achieve that? Dive into books, explore new hobbies, seek out thrilling experiences, or even master an impressive skill.

The world is your playground, my friend! You can excel in many areas. While you only have one life, you can live multiple fulfilling lives within it.

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