Sometimes you just need an adventure

So I’m off to New York in the morning. We’re heading to Sydney at an ungodly hour!

My husband has clocked off work.

My Mum is here.

3 spreadsheets, 2 pages of notes and 4 phone numbers… we’ve been over everything.

I’ve had a spray tan, had my nails done, packed the bags, cleaned the house and washed everything in sight (I even washed the dog).

I’m so excited and nervous.

Sometimes you just need an adventure. Sometimes you need a little shake up in your life. 

I can’t wait.

I’ll be tweeting and instagramming like mad.

Not sure when I’ll be back to the blog. Soon I hope!


  • Michelle Hayward

    YAY!! Party hard!!! And you’ll make it look easy of course! ENJOY!!!! 🙂 GO NUTS!!!!!!! xxx See ya back here whenever, but I can’t wait to see all the piccies…yay for Instagram!

  • Kim

    Have a great time! I love International flights. Enjoy.

  • Kell

    So excited for you, have a wonderful time!

  • Anita

    watch out NY!!!!!!!!!! travel safe

  • Joanna

    Have a great time, as you said, we all need adventure!!!

  • Kimberly

    Have the BEST time!! x

  • Rachel

    I am so jealous! Have a fantastic time. Rachel x

  • Sue

    Take everything in, and then some!! Enjoy, and take loads of pics to share with us unfortunate bloggers who have to stay home,haha!

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