Shop, wave, and GO!

Brought to you by Optus Pay.

I shop on my own around here. I have 3 boys and usually no one wants to come with me! But yesterday my middle boy Tex and I hit the shops for a bit of a treat. We live in Wagga Wagga so we still have a “main street” so there will be lots of hoping in and out of the car if we have a few things to do. I was keen to try NOT taking my handbag – just myself, the car keys and an Optus Pay device…

We were sent a few gadgets from Optus Pay to use. Optus Pay (previously known as Cash by Optus) is a contactless payment app, powered by Visa payWave, which allows prepaid and postpaid Optus customers to use compatible accessories to pay for goods and services instead of using cash or plastic debit and credit cards. Have you seen these before?

We were sent a PayTag, PayBand and a Smart Cup. I popped the PayTag on my watch, Tex grabbed the PayBand and I love my instant coffee so I loaded up the Smart Cup and we headed off.

First stop was the sports shop. The PayTag was preloaded with some funds and I could just pay via the Visa payWave terminals. It was so easy – proving that I didn’t need to lug a bag around.

I told Tex I’d go halves with him in a iphone new charger. He paid with his cool PayBand. It’s actually such a good concept for kids too. I know he’d lose cash easily but this way he wouldn’t! You can keep a eye on how much is left on the band via the Optus Pay app from iTunes or the Google play store.


I shopped my heart out sipping my coffee. The Smart Cup has a little chip in the bottom so it’s another simple swipe and go! I loved explaining it to the people behind the counter each time I purchased something. They were fascinated! We even did a Maccas run and I threw my arm out the window to pay! 🙂

It’s so easy. Just connect, register, wave and go! If you’re an Optus Customer the Optus Pay SIM, the PayTag, wristband and a sticker are all free for Optus customers. The Smart Cup retails from $34.95. You can manually or automatically recharge Optus Pay via the app. This is a direct debit that pulls money from your bank account and depending on your bank this may take around 3 business days.

I found this whole shopping trip a quick and convenient way to take your money with you while you’re out and about, without needing to bring your phone/bag/wallet.

Happy shopping. ♥ KC.

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