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Raising Boys

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If you’d told me back in my early twenties that I would be living in a male dominated house I would have burst out laughing. I sometimes look at my 3 boys and have to pinch myself. I mostly spend my days refereeing punch-ups (there was a really good one here during the week which I videoed – saving that for a 21st!), serving food and sitting in the car at football training… I feel like we’re at a really good stage with them though. My eldest is 14 and a half, my middle one is 11 and my youngest will turn 10 in 4 weeks. This is a good age.

I have friends who are still having babies, or at least have little kids. I just couldn’t go back to that. No way. I look back and wonder how on earth did I get through those before school years. I don’t know how we afforded all of that daycare when I did try and work. I found not working was easier sometimes, but there was never enough money. I just don’t know how we did it. Bravo to those doing all of that right now. If you’re tearing your hair out, I promise it does get better!

Last weekend I went out for a few drinks for my birthday and another friend was also having a birthday the next day. Her 17 year old daughter sent her a photo of all of her presents wrapped up and ready to open the next morning. Raising boys means I won’t ever get that… boo hooo. But I laughed! Maybe one day I’ll get a daughter-in-law who wraps stuff for me and I’ll have someone to go shopping with. At the moment the only shops I go to with my children is the supermarket or Rebel Sport!

What I love about boys is their energy. They are always motivated. They aren’t lazy and that’s a positive. I love that they don’t cry for no reason and they don’t hold grudges. I do teach them to say they love each other and I want them to be empathetic, yet strong. I have their Dad to thank for that too. He never raises his voice (but if he does you can expect them to RUN).

Boys are fun too. The laughter when they get going is contagious! That little kid of mine can drop the d***head word like there is no tomorrow. Boy oh boy!! They can be super competitive, aggressive and entitled little angels too… but at the end of the day I think if other people say you have great kids, then I must be doing something right.

A few weeks ago my little kid lost a tooth and just threw it away. He looked at me and said, “Don’t waste your money.” Oh I laughed. There goes the toothfairy in our house. I’m holding on to Santa because we’re all not ready to give that one away yet. It probably won’t be long though!

We’re in a nice transitional stage which I’d be happy to pause. We haven’t quite reached the “girls” craze yet. We’re just on the edge of that, but I’d be happy to keep it all how it is! I’ll come back in a few years and read this blog post and burst out laughing I am sure. I should be bracing myself for the rollercoaster ahead! Puberty has started and the first birds and bees talk has been done. The second talk is on its way with the next kid… I think I have it much easier with boys than girls… well that’s what my friends with girls say! I don’t envy their job…

Just some thoughts today… I’m feeling pretty lucky and think I should write these things down when I feel them. It’s early morning here. I’m off to Tumbarumba for footy (it’s freezing up there!) and my little kid just walked out and said “I love you.” These boys of mine are pretty good.

Happy Saturday ♥ KC.


  • Sally Eccleston

    Looking at that boy there Katrina is just like looking at you when you were growing up in Canberra. Clones!

  • Nicki

    A wonderfully real and comforting post and one I needed to read today. The school holidays have just started in the UK and my testosterone fuelled six year old has already pulled the “I’m bored” card at least a dozen times. And I’ve been battered and bruised through various wrestling bouts and his general need to be as close to me as possible most of the time (when he’s not trying to get on the iPad!). I must remember these days will not last. Thanks Katrina, I love to hear your insight into mothering three little men.

  • Bernice Zacharia

    Whether it’s boys or girls or a mixed bag we are lucky to guide them through life so that they can stand tall knowing who they are because they have been loved unconditionally. That’s what great mums and dads do the world over

  • Timothy Bowers

    Sadly we only have one 12 year old boy, but one is better than none. I just joined you blog because I was looking for some suitable house plans. Love the layout, your vibe, penmanship and your picture is very easy on the eyes! Lol old sailor, can’t help myself. Hahaha
    Anyway looking forward to seeing more of the blog in the near future. I was a photographer for 30 years but am now retired. Have a look at my website if you’ve time to spare from your 3 boys.

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