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Lotsa fun

My handsome and gorgeous Tex had a 4th Birthday. Look at the rocket cake his Aunty made him! She is so clever 🙂


  • Rachael

    Happy Birthday Tex!
    My little man is four and they say at this age the testosterone kicks in….it certainly has a my house!

  • A Bite of Country Cupcakes

    Oh how cute is that!!!!
    What a novel idea with the sparklers!

    Katrina could you when you can email me and tell me how to make those ideas sheets you did for how you want your lounge and family room ect.
    Renovating here has to satrt soon and I need to compile list type things.
    And don't know how to????? Gggrrrrrr!
    Should see my attempts at the draft of the actuall extension space…Tragic!

  • Sarah

    Happy Birthday Tex!
    That cake is awesome, love the sparklers out the back!
    Looks like you all had a great time.
    ~S~ xxx

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