Its coming along!

The roof is done. The bricks are almost done (these photos are from a few days ago). I am still finalising floorboards and the kitchen. I have samples everywhere and my husband is driving me mad with the floor!

We just got a new TV and now I deciding whether I want lots of built in cabinetry, or buy storage units??? Decisions…decisions.

Hope everyone is well!
Katrina x


  • Sarah

    Inhale, now exhale!
    Wow your house is really comming along. Big decisions regarding the kitchen & the floors. If it is of any help stay clear of really shiny tiles/surfaces they show every bit of dust & wear & tear.
    Oh my dream is to have the TV mounted on the wall with NO exposed cables or cords, (a pet hate of mine are ugly cables!) I think I would go with a storage unit as it can be changed or moved without too much hassle.
    Sarah xxx

  • Paint Me White

    Katrina can't wait to see the final product.
    Sandy x

  • Paint Me White

    Big decisions on your kitchen katrina, can't wait to see the final product. Sandy x

  • Alison

    OMG Katrina it is starting to fly along – how exciting.

  • Ness Lockyer

    Ah yes! I remember this stage when we were building. It will go really fast now, but not seem like a lot is going on while they tinker about inside. Yay.
    Ness xx

  • Brit Gal Sarah

    Wow it really is, that's a whole lot faster than it'd be in the UK!

  • A-M

    Possibly the fastest house build in the history of mankind! I am soooo jealous! LOVE your bricks! Paintings above look fabulous too! Wrt what the?? over on my blog – its the window seat from the floor above. They made no plans to make it look better. They have made so many mistakes and just couldn't be bothered asking us what we want. They put in a fireplace that does not resemble one inch of the one on the plans. … and my cabinet makers have planned cabinetry all around it! My hubby had a screaming fight with them last week and our supervisor said… "you'll get what you're bloody given". A nightmare! I can bag the crap out of them over here on your blog as you are a closed shop… love that!!!They were told about my blog and have threatened to sue us. Our lawyer says they have no case as we are stating facts. Fun and games and lack of sleep. Wait until you see where they have placed the meter box… that's tomorrow's post! A-M xx

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