How much do you love your Mum? An Uberkate giveaway!

I have the best giveaway for you today! Here is the most divine necklace from Uberkate. You could win this for your Mum or yourself as a Mother’s Day treat.

Uberkate would like to offer you the chance to win an Expressions Pendant engraved with YOUR personalised handwriting using the new Your Script technology.


“I am so happy that we can now create your ultimate family heirlooms and I am both humbled and honoured to be able to play just a small part in growing your family’s history. I am so incredibly proud of  Your Script. Your handwriting made eternal…” Kate Sutton

Uberkate has combined an age old concept with cutting edge technology to deeply engrave your handwriting into any of our jewellery designs. Please visit the Uberkate website to view the full range of Uberkate Jewellery available.

All you have to do is leave a comment here on this post about why you’d like to win! So easy!

CLOSED. Winner announced below in comments.

Expression Pendant valued at $255 + $75 for engraving. The pendant is a flat embossed solid sterling silver pendant 3.3cm long x 2.2cm wide and 1.5mm thick. Includes 45cm sterling silver curb chain.


  • Lauren

    Year after year, the theme’s never shifted,
    Undies and socks, poor Mum has been gifted!
    But now, what is this? Something to wear with pride,
    Uberkate’s pendant would bring tears to her eyes.
    Help me, Katrina – turn my mum’s luck around,
    With this sterling silver, no cotton will be found 🙂

  • Kelly Arndt

    My birthday is coming up Easter Sunday,
    But the focus will be on Mr Bunny,
    That’s probably okay anyway,
    ‘Cause the number I’ll be isn’t funny.
    A while ago birthdays were fun,
    But after 40 they get a bit scary,
    I could really use some cheering up,
    From the Uberkate fairy!

  • Cheryl Moulton

    I would love to have this engraved as a reminder of my Mum who passed away 8yrs ago! something to remember a mother who would have given anyone her last cent, so generous and loving.

  • Joanne Costa

    I would love to win this amazing gift for my Mum- we got her something similar for Christmas,with her 4 children’s names engraved but sadly her home was broken into not long after Christmas and it was one of many things stolen from her.
    Mum is more than deserving-she is the most selfless person that I know. Raising 4 children under 10 on her own, she always made sure we didn’t go without.
    Mum works at a Nursing Home and always volunteers to work the day shift on Christmas Day to help the residents have the best Christmas under their often sad circumstances. My Mum is my hero x

  • Cristy O'Brien

    Imagine a woman who lives her life for others. She lives for her children, her children’s children, her husband and even her mother-in-law – yes seriously imagine this dedicated kind of woman!

    Imagine she donates her time without thought, she gives advice when it’s asked for and she bites her tongue when it’s not even though she knows better – honestly this is an amazingly wise kind of woman!

    Imagine the sound of her laughing loudly, the feeling you feel when she listens intently and she loves you wholeheartedly!

    She is not imaginary. She IS the woman I love the most in the world. She is my Mum.

  • Laura Powers

    I love my Mum more than I know how to express. She is an amazing woman, so graceful, compassionate and gentle. I would do anything to make her happy. She is my precious treasure. I am so blessed and thankful.She would adore this for mothers day.

  • Cathy H

    At the age of 56, mum has signed up to Facebook and is desperately trying to navigate the virtual world of networks, newsfeed and notifications! I’d love to send an old fashioned hand written note (in the form of Uberkate) to let mum know how much she is appreciated and cherished.

  • maria

    When I visit mum and lie on the lounge she still insists on putting a blanket over me so I can rest easier….I’m 51!

  • Amanda

    How gorgeous are these! I don’t have a really emotional heart tugging reason for winning. I just think they create a really special memory, and I just love them.

  • Renee Ballantyne

    i’d love to win this for my father inlaw as he would love this

  • Jennifer B.

    She made and raised us with good meals and love.
    Now Mum is enjoying life beyond little children, painting and sculpting.
    She deserves a unique, personalized piece…

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