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Home Sorted

I bought this little book the other day. The cover was so cute! I have only flicked through it, but so far it looks so handy.

This is a blurb from the website:

Home Sorted! – The Book

Home Sorted! covers each room of your home individually including your office and provides simple organising methods to be applied to each room at anytime – easily!

Aside from helping you to keep your home organised Home Sorted! will provide you with numerous helpful steps and tools which can be applied daily such as cooking tips, keeping on top of your wash loads, a simple bill organising system ,etc.

Our various stationery will assist you in keeping everything in order and works hand in hand with Home Sorted! .

You can buy here at a great price!


  • Vicki

    Hi Katrina,
    yes that's my hubby that leaves me messges.. we do that alot.. from notes to each other to emails etc its sooo nice and means so much… ya know I really really should get a copy of that book!!!!
    take care
    Vic xxx

  • Alison

    Katrina what a great book.

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