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Hello there 2017!

I was soooooo not ready to sit back down at my computer today. But you know how is goes, stuff to do! Actually I was really done with “working” a good 10 days before Christmas. I’m not normally so fatigued when it comes to blogging, but I was burnt out I think. I also spent about 2 months trying to sort out technical issues on my blog which totally wore me down. I needed to step away from it, and so I did!

Now I’m back and my technical dramas should be behind me. I had to move my entire site, emails and go back to an old theme. My site has grown in size so much (like with this blog post and the 60 photos! haha) and I needed to take care of that before I had any creative energy to give. Breathe out.

Normally I write motivational stuff about tackling the year ahead, but I really wasn’t motivated in myself to pump everyone else up. Plus I spent a lot of 2016 sick (and lost 9kgs without trying), so I was definitely too fatigued…

Anyhoo, give me a holiday and a few weeks away from my computer and I feel HEAPS better! ūüôā

So today I have 100 photos (well not quite, but almost!) to share from my last few weeks. Click away now if they are boring haha…

This is how I felt about 2016. Sort of ok, but sort of foul. You get me? LOL.

Here’s my Mumma and I! Love her.

My Dad. He’s pretty tops.

The gang. We had Christmas at my sister’s home. Then traveled on to Melbourne later that day¬†for the¬†cricket.

This is my niece. She got a Shetland Pony from Santa! So cute.

Lunch under the walnut tree. Beautiful!

So we woke up at our own house Christmas morning. The boys opened their presents and as a last final thing we surprised the boys with tickets to the Boxing Day test. That meant they got about 20 minutes on the playstation (I have since hidden those cords!!) before we left.

In relax mode in Melbs in my new robe. Yes, I can pose. ūüėČ

Elevator snaps.

Here they are! Pumped and ready!

I love the cricket. So I enjoyed it just as much as the boys I think. We’ll be doing it all again next year that’s for sure.

After Melbourne we came home for a couple of days and packed up our new (to us, not brand new) caravan and head to the South Coast at Merimbula.

Dead set gorgeous.

Hubby cooks a fine lamb on the Weber.

I woke up with the sun, there was crap everywhere, no time limits, there was nothing to do, no stress. Best holiday!

It always takes a few days to get yourself back in to routine¬†after a holiday. I love going away, but I also love coming home. Yesterday instead of doing things I should be doing I procrastinated by painting my front door pink. You can see that on my instagram. I’ll add that to the blog here too soon.

Bear was so excited to see us! We felt like we’d been away for weeks.

Next week we’re off again for a week long cricket carnival, then I’m heading to Melbourne again for some surgery. I’m not looking forward to that, but it is what it is!

Anyway, let’s get this 2017 under way and cheers to a good start so far.

‚ô• KC.


  • Kate Vekaci

    Beautiful pics. Your big boy is so BIG! And handsome, I must say

  • Larissa Milligan

    Your holiday looks fabulous – the colour of the water is incredible!

  • Deborah O'Brien

    Your boys are growing up so fast! Gorgeous
    Hope 2017 is a better year for us all…
    Take care x

  • Chris Goodall

    Great pics. Best wishes with your health Katrina

  • Susan Blesing

    Beautiful…thank you for sharing. Your boys will remember & treasure these times forever. Hope 2017 is much kinder to you and yours. Your Mum… along with everyone else, is blessed to have you. Take care.

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