Half a roof

Only half got finished today….the weather is awful.
As I type this it’s 9.30pm and still 35C (95F)!!!!!

I have so many blogs to visit. I am sorry for being a bad friend. I will get around to everyone in the next few days 🙂
Katrina xxxx


  • A Bite of Country Cupcakes

    Looking great! Lucky you will soon be in your beautiful house surrounded by beautiful things…

  • Sarah

    Yeah!!! It's looking good.
    I cant believe that it was still that hot at 9.30pm. We were lucky enough for it to have cooled off a little by then, another scorcher today though.
    I started work at 6am this morning & the first thing I did was put the air conditioner on before the sun came up & also before the building had a chance to heat up.

  • A-M

    OMG you are up to where we are and we've been going 9 months. Fantastic! Love your front elevation and the windows. Love the long hall, LOVE your chairs! A-M xx

  • Alison

    Hope the other half goes up today. So exciting for you with it all starting to come together.

  • Ness Lockyer

    Hope you don't cook too much. It has been 42.2C even here in Tassie!! It is crazy. BTW…your cpvers are on there way!
    Ness xx

  • Danielle

    You must be so excited, looking good.

  • shabbydreaming

    AHHHHH How exciting for you guys!!! takes me back to when we built our house, congrats guys once again cannot wait to see the on going building!!
    Take care sweet's
    mandii (yep new blog)

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