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Grout makes all the difference

This is beginning of the ensuite above. A mirror is to go between the pebble tiles. Then you can see little holes in the top pebble section and this is where the sets of Hollywood lights are going.
Powder room vanity on the right and bathroom through the door. This area has all been grouted and I love it!

Splashback again. Can you tell I really like my splashback?? Thanks to everyone for emailing and saying such nice things. I bought the pressed tin from a restoration centre locally here in Wagga. In came in 2 pieces obviously in the tin/metal colour. It was preprimed and sprayed with a water based tile enamel. Then it is glued on and ‘no more gaps’ was used on the edges and through the join in the middle. Once the appliances and my bits go into the kitchen, it will look smashin!

….And again.

Laundry. This wall has no grout yet.


These photos are jumping all over! Anyway, here we are back at the powder room vanity.



Today I have a sick little Tex. He has a vomiting bug. He has been off for days so I should have known it was coming. He is not a very good patient. Boy it’s been a long day. He likes to be very angry and yell ALOT because he can’t relax and be quiet while being sick. He was so angry about not being able to find Mr Potato Head. I suggested it may be in his brother’s room and he yelled “NO! MR POTATO HEAD CAN’T WALK” and gave me a look of disgust. While I would normally scold his tone, how can you be angry when he is clearly sick and I guess he did have a point!

In between all of this I pulled out all my paperwork/bills and all the junk I stuff in a particular drawer. I have written a list of things I will need to create a pretty and functional space for my new study! Smiggle….here I come.


  • Sarah

    Love it, love it, love it. Ok did I mention that I love all of your house! It is going to look amazing, Country Home Ideas aint seen nothin' yet!
    ~S~ xxx

  • Alison

    Hi Katrina just caught up on your last 5 posts. The house is looking fabulous. Love the pressed tin splashback.

  • shabbydreaming

    Im with sarah I LOVE IT!!!! Im so many shades of green with envy I look really unwell!! LOL you totally deserve this Gorgeous home!! cannot wait to see it finished!!

  • A Bite of Country Cupcakes

    Mr potato head comment is funny!
    The house is going to look tops…

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