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Old post revisited from 2008-

I have always been attracted to Feng Shui. Here is a snippet of what I have been trying to achieve…

Text Source: By Karen Rauch Carter via home.ivillage.com.

Feng Shui and your Desk

Why feng shui your desk you ask? Because it is a piece of furniture that you probably use quite often, and because it’s where important financial decisions are usually made. If your desk isn’t optimally serving you, it could be robbing you of your vital energy.

Desk Size
First of all, the size of your desk it is crucial. Big tasks need a big desk. Don’t try to multitask on a single-task desk. If it’s bugging you, and you feel unusually cluttered, it’s probably too small.

Paper Clutter
Now, let’s talk about clutter and organization. Here’s the obvious: It’s easy to fall prey to paper clutter. But everything should have its own space — this includes your desktop and the floor around your desk. Think files, trays, drawers, bins, etc. At least 50 percent of your desktop should be seen at least once a day.

Desk Location and Setup (this is something I have been working on!)
Next, let’s pick on the desk location and orientation. If you’ve got a wall or a partition right in front of you as you sit at your desk, you are not in the most powerful position possible. My advice is to turn your desk around if at all possible and get that wall or partition behind you. You should be able to see the door into that office from where you are sitting.

Family: The center left-hand side of the desk is reserved for the family and things of the past from a feng shui standpoint, This is a great place to put family photos; especially in wooden frames as wood is the element for this area. Green is the color for this area in case you have anything green on your desk.

Prosperity: The left-hand rear one-ninth area as we go around your desk clockwise is the prosperity area. A computer works well in this area because it is an expensive item (anything that costs a lot is fine here), but you can use something that reminds you of wealth and riches, or something that makes you feel like you are lucky or have many blessings. For instance, a dollar-sign paperweight, an “in box” (as in money coming in!) or even a live plant can be helpful to you in this area. Just make sure that the plant stays healthy — we want no withering or broken anything here. Purple is a great color for this area if you’ve got any lying around.

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  • Amy

    Hi Katrina,

    I love what you said about the big desk. So often, it is the little subtle niggly things that get in the way of our great energetic flow! Nice article!

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