Did I show you this?

Clever husband made us a path. He calls it “The Love Path”. He wants something I think…..

Have a great Sunday. I am off to work!

Katrina x


  • Shannon

    I love it! It looks like it had been there for years.

  • Paint Me White

    The path of love looks great katrina. Gotta love a handy husband. Don't know what half of these woman do with husbands that can't change a light globe. Sandy x

  • MelsRosePlace

    Oooh that is so cute..what a handy boy. Your house looks beautiful by the way. Mel xxx

  • A-M

    Pretty as a picture. My kingdom for a handyman husband! Oh well, he has other talents! A-M xx

  • The Rose Room

    he is clever and what a good husband and what a lucky husband to have you! Rachaelxo

  • The-Countrypolitan

    Katrina… thanks for stopping by my blog…

    I love the "love path"… I think your husband definitely has some ideas in mind for you!

  • Anna

    Good skills Hubby…I think he deserves some lovin for that Katrina..lol x

  • Mrs B

    Hi Katrina

    What a wonderful and gorgeous looking blog you have. I have been blown away by the stunning interiors in all your posts. Great to hear that you also have a hubby that is handy around the house…what would we do without them!

    Mrs B xx

    ps Thankyou for the lovely comment you made on my blog, it really made my day!

  • Cyma

    Thanks for visiting my blog, I love your blog, have spent a lot of time here 🙂

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