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Can’t find what you like, then make your own

Thank you so much for your response yesterday to menu planning. You’ve been a great help and an inspiration.

In return, I’m going to share how I get off my butt and start a menu plan for my family.

It all started with a simple list of what meals I know I can make and the boys like (yes, I’m not very creative and rarely try anything new!).

Then I started looking at some of the menu plans you had suggested to buy and none of them really took my fancy. I was discussing it with my husband. Here is the conversation:

Me: I might buy one of these menu plans, but it really has too many categories and I bet I don’t end up using it.

Him: Pass me the laptop, let me look…. (he ponders). Design your own and I’ll print it.

Me: OMG! Deeerrrrrrrrr! What was I thinking???

So, there you go. Had a blonde moment yesterday. That’s what I’m doing – making my own menu plan. Then we both got carried away and now I’m designing menu plans, shopping lists and notepads. Watch this space! I’ll be back to share them with you.

Phew. Now I’ve done some more organising for my motto of #livingsimple2012.

Today it’s going to be about 40 degrees. My husband was going back to work for a few hours today, but he’s decided not too (fist pump!). So I’m up early to head out to do some jobs – post office, bank and inspect a rental for us to live in.

Stay cool of you’re in this heat wave! x


  • A-M

    Oh great idea! I’ll be your first customer. I need all the help I can get!
    Why is it so hot down your way? It is positively cool up here. I am sitting on my deck in my fluffy dressing gown. The world has gone mad. Good luck with the rentals… so jealous of how affordable your housing is down there. “Boys, we’re moving to Wagga!” #nearbutfar A-M xx

  • Anonymous

    Hi Karina, im all for fancy and am still trying to work out a way to get all my stuff I do have and all my recipes and shopping list in an acceptable order, all without having 3 or 4 ( I did you not) A4 notepads about the place, however I find the white boards the have the days of the week on it work just as well. Usually I have my gym times and classes on it as well so I know when I need a quick meal. As you get the hang of it more you can add another recipe or two to your list;) good luck

  • Kylie

    Funny I clicked on one of the links yesterday and thought Pfffttt! You could just print up your own! Great minds think alike eh?…I have a huge running list in my pantry but often not the ingredients to make whats in the list! Shops too far to just pop in …Only downside living rurally!…

  • Pennyb

    Hi Katrina,
    one thing i dont miss about wagga is the heat. Days where you cant leave the house as it is like an oven outside.
    bring on the meal planner

  • The Distressed Mothr

    I’ll be lining up to get my planner!

    Got some meals/recipes sorted today and a shopping list done. Now just to buy the groceries and actually cook it all.

    Hoping to get in the swing before we go back to work/school.

    TDM xx

  • Jo

    And that is exactly what my husband said to me!

    Just make sure they look pretty ….

  • Leah

    Great idea Katrina! I can see this being a great opportunity for you.

  • deb

    Good Idea, I am also a plain, recycle the same things over and over kind of cook. This might be just what I need.

  • Kellie

    i’ve found a great little app on the ipad for meal planning 🙂

    • Katrina (author)

      What’s it called? 🙂

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