I bought some ekoWorx (Koh) and here’s what I think…

My Facebook is always swamped with ads and promos for this ekoWorx cleaning product. I am a sucker for stuff like this, and it was 40% off a pack just before Christmas so I thought I’ll buy some and see what all the fuss is about.

I paid for these goodies, not sponsored and this is my honest opinion…

So you get 3 main items in the pack – the solution which you pour directly in to the spray bottle, microfiber cloths and a diamond sponge (which is like a sandpaper block). I watched some of their YouTube videos so I knew how to use them all properly.

The main reason people seem to buy this product is for windows, shower screens and ovens. Am I right?

I got to work instantly on a window. I sprayed directly on the window and used a dry cloth as per their instructions. BAM. Cleanest window I’ve ever seen! I then got excited and started on some mirrors. Again, AWESOME.

The next day I decided to tackle the shower. NOTE – the videos say you must have a dry shower to start with, and you must be realistic with this product – if you have baked on, built up over time calcium scum, then it’s probably not going to instantly transform the shower screen to brand new. Also, I don’t actually have shower screens, just tiles, but still the same difficulties as everyone else with shower scum. I was a bit funny about the dry shower thingy. It was weird because I am used to jiff and spray bottles and wet sponges. Anyhoo, I sprayed some areas with the ekoWorx and used the diamond sponge to scrub…. The jury is still out on this. I felt the sponge was a little abrasive and I had to be careful. I also felt that I was using a fair bit of product because the shower was dry and was a big area. It definitely did clean the tiles, but I wasn’t blown away.

Next I went to the inside of my oven door. It was grotty. I actually wiped it with a wet sponge to start with to remove a lot of the residue. Yucky. Then proceeded with the diamond sponge and spray and yes it came up a treat!

I then moved on to stainless steel (specifically my cook-top), and nope, I didn’t like it. It was streaky and no good.


  • A big yes for windows, mirrors and even pool glass.
  • I would say that I still need a wet sponge and harsher product for my shower here and there.
  • ekoWorx is most definitely a maintenance product (just my opinion). I think that once you get those showers and oven clean, you will then love using the ekoWorx to keep on top of your cleaning.
  • I won’t use for toilet cleaning (because dry cloth!).
  • The product has no smell at all. So sometimes I still want a bit of something on my kitchen bench-tops (add essential oils though). Plus, a dry cloth on kitchen counters sometimes just doesn’t seem right.
  • I have not tried it on my floors yet because I didn’t buy the mop. Maybe I will give that a go? Have you mopped?
  • I still think a little bit of baby oil on stainless steel is the best cleaning hack you’ll ever try.
  • It’s great for spot cleaning like marks on your walls, powerpoints or door handles.

That’s what I think! I’d love to hear what your opinion is?

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♥ KC.


  • rebecca

    I’ve been using Koh for over a year and it’s saved me a lot of $$$. The thing I love most is it removes the pheromones for pet urine residue. Also removes kids stains from illness & toilet training, texta marks on lots of different surfaces without stripping the colour, as a pre wash laundry spray. I spray it in & on the toilets let it sit for a few minutes and you can see the results before cleaning it off.

  • Karen Trueman

    I tried this on my ss stove using green cloth and thought similar , streaky on door,so I sprayed again on ss and used white cloth and took all streaks away. I have a spa bath which is some sort plastic, wasn’t a fan of using this product,didn’t come up looking much different. Mirrors and shower screen good. Splashbacks in kitchen good using green cloth. I tried before i buy ,daughter had products, will think of buying

  • Jodie Godber

    I have been using Koh for almost 2 years now and find if you watch how they use the green cloth in the video you with come out with a streak free SS Cooktop etc… I have a double smog ss oven with cook top and it’s absolutely perfect with Koh. You need to keep switching round the cloth to use its full potential and to ensure any oily product is not on the last wipe section for a spotless finish xx

  • Shirley Mason

    I bought Koh about a year ago. My husband rolled his eyes. definitely considered it a waste of money. But now, he loves it. I use it in the shower (the dry surface is hard, but we manage), and our mirror wardrobes etc.
    I have just finished cleaning my kitchen after cooking dinner. Simply spray tiles, bench tops, my glass stove top is sparkling with no streaks, I love it. I have vinyl wrap cupboards and they are so easy to clean. I agree with the comments about the windows, just sparkling. We live in a retirement village and people actually remark on our front windows.
    If I have anything at all that I have failed to find a suitable solution for, I try Koh.
    For example; I have micro suede dining chairs. The top of all the backs were soiled, just with people holding them to push them under the table. In desperation I took them all outside on a sunny day and sprayed them with Koh. I used the green cloth. They are not perfect, but so improved, I am happy. I intend to buy a kit for each of children. It’s amazing. Thankyou Koh.
    I have commented before, but not in such detail

  • Gail

    Hi, thanks for your honest review on this product. I would rather be informed, than duped. If I know what it really does and doesn’t work on, that equates to less disappointment after buying it. And hence, more likely to keep buying. Thanks again

  • Sharon

    I was sceptical, but as an asthma sufferer, wanted a product that I could use to clean with that didn’t make asthma flare up. The fact it has no odour is good for me and the clean finish is amazing. Windows and bench tops, floors ( I bought the mop) , all come up a treat .

  • Pauline Wilson

    I am a definite KOH convert. I’ve used it for about 18 months now and love it. I must admit the shower cleaning was a bit off so I now use CLR to clean it and it works brilliantly. The rest of the house is cleaned with KOH and I love the results, I’ve saved heaps of money by only having to purchase one product instead of multiples to do the same job. Our SS BBQ comes up brilliantly, KOH just dissolves the greasy residue leaving it looking like new.

  • Christine Donne

    Just got our first batch and tried it on my cooker. Glass on oven door fab. Couldn’t believe how easy it was. Bottom of oven. Someone had melted plastic (I know! How?) and it had stuck rock hard. Bit of elbow grease and it is gone. Glass door in living room. Very easy. And it looks lovely. My daughter recommended it. She adds a little drop of zoflora for a nice smell.

  • Katrina

    My mother in law bought this when my partner and I got our own place and honestly, I think vinegar and water works better! Windows come out clean and non streaky as long as you buff them with a micro fibre cloth after cleaning. Plus, a 2L bottle of vinegar where I live only costs $1.50, a spray bottle is $2, and water is virtually free.

  • Rhian

    Have you or any of the ladies above heard of or tried Norwex? It’s starts with a brilliant cloth and water, no sprays, no vinegar, cleaning and dusting could not be made easier.

  • Mamydziecko

    Koh worked on my oven. Originally branded as EkoWorx, the same cleaning system, but now with a different name is awesome for cleaning ovens. Here is my review on this product. 

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