A lovely kid turns 9 in my house today!



Happy 9th Birthday to my gorgeous and sweet middle kid, Tex!

Surely he’s older than 9, he seems like he’s been here forever! 😉

Yesterday we had a birthday party at a laser zone place, and today all he’s asked for is Taco’s for dinner 🙂

Love this little kid! X


  • Jacqui Honeyman

    Happy bday Mr T. Have a great day x

  • Joanne Costa

    Happy Birthday Tex!! Hope you have a super duper fabulous day!! Best wishes for today and always 🙂

  • Shauna Hollier

    Happy birthday mate have a great, day 🙂

  • Something Gorgeous

    Happy Birthday Tex. I love watching your gorgeous kids grow. Enjoy every minute it flies by so very quickly. xT

  • Yvette Wilson

    Gosh you can’t half tell he’s your child. Hope you had a great day!

  • anastasiaC

    awww Happy birthday…9 is special! Hope he has an awesome day! I have a 9yr old at home too!

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