A Chevron bed-head?


I’m up for a challenge. I think it’s time I made something.  It’s been a while between drinks…

So, we’re renting at the mo, so I can’t paint or bash stuff into the walls, but I can definitely sand furniture, make bed-heads and move stuff around. I have a great sideboard that I will sand up in  the next few weeks. Yep, I’ll share the before and afters.

Remember how I bought a new bed? Well, the intention was to make a bed-head for it. I’ve done one before, so I’m pretty sure I can do it again. BUT this could be hard because I was thinking of doing a chevron fabric. The zig zags could pose to be tricky dicky.

It’s only fabric, right? I can always change it if I stuff it up.

Now, the question for my lovely readers is…

which colour?

Which chevron colour for a bed-head
 Pale Pink
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I’d love it if you voted. It will be fun to see what you think. Oh, and don’t forget to tell me which one you voted for, and why!

Today I am on the hunt for a new white Super King doona cover. I’ve tried hundreds (well, not hundreds, you know I love to over-exaggerate things) of online stores, so maybe I’ll head to the shops.

The unpacking is pretty much done and I need an escape, so why not go shopping for new stuff! 😉


  • KL

    Hi Katrina. Did you try Moss River? Best quality white linen and they do super king and custom too. Not sure if their sales’s still on…. they were 50% off!
    x KL

  • niki

    For me, it was toss up between the aqua and lime green. But seeings as aqua is the “it” colour right now everywhere, I went with the green. But I reckon the black & white would be impressive too.

  • Anna@MyDesignEthos

    Aqua is definately the hit colour at the moment but I voted for pale pink. Just for something different. You could easily amp it up with some bold accents, black and white. What about with navy? 🙂

  • Tinkster

    I was just telling my husband thats what I want to do last night, I think I’m going to get black and white

  • Penny

    I chose the black. I am about to update a piece of furniture as well. Tempted to turn it from timber to gloss black

  • Catheryn Walker

    I voted Aqua. I just really love Aqua at the moment.

  • Holly

    I voted aqua, i would love to have pale pink or fushia but my fiancee would complain of it being too girly (so i took that into consideration, haha)

  • Penny

    I did aqua too, although I am into all things coral and orange at the moment. My mother in law bought me some orange tea cups for Christmas and now I want to redecorate the whole house around them!

  • Ellie

    I love this idea Katrina! I loved the zig-zag Blog header you had a while back too! I voted for aqua, I’m loving it at the moment! I think its a fresh colour and very in right now!
    Whatever colour you choose will look fab I’m sure! 🙂
    Ellie xo

  • Jess

    How fun this new project will be for your Katrina, and I’m sure it will turn our beautifully!
    I voted for the yellow – only because I think it would look fantastic with some dark, contrasting hues in the bed linen you use – black accent pieces throughout the room (lamps, bedside table accessories etc.) and yellow, black and grey always look fab together – you could find some amazing cushions or find some fabric online to make some great cushions yourself!
    Good luck! Can’t wait to see the end result 🙂

  • Anna

    I voted for fuschia, I am absolutely in love with the colour at the moment, whether it is for clothes, nail polish, flower petals, and I’d definitely love as a bed-head.

    Looking forward to seeing what you create no matter what the colour.

  • Kira

    I voted for the Black. Mainly because it is a classy and timeless colour. Plus, for any easy change you can switch up the doona cover any time and everything will match. Not as easy with a bright colour. Plus the husband would probably appreciate it too!

  • Bec

    Hi Katrina, I am striving for lots of colour in my home this year so I have chosen green for you. Can’t wait to see how it all goes! Please let us know how you go with the Super King linen, I have a super king bed and find it hard to find much xx

  • Shayne

    I voted for Aqua or black. I love fuchia too, but thought if it’s for hubby and wife i’d go a colour that wasn’t too feminine. I love black & white & aqua together!!

  • brismod

    I chose black. Strong and bold and timeless. xx

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